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My great grandfather did not complain. Although he must have suffered many times he never told his parents. In the letters he wrote he just told the interesting parts of things. He told of his daily life but was always careful to omit the things that would have made his parents feel sad or depressed. He told of taking his army, during the night, from one place to another and preparing them to fight at dawn. During one of these battles however, his horse was killed. When it fell he was under it. This accident occurred in a very swampy place. He was compelled to lie in the swamp until help came. Unfortunately help did not come until the next morning. By this time he was cold, wet and almost exhausted. His men took him to the hospital where he was cared for but he died within a few days from exposure and a disease which he had gotten from the swamp.

A beautiful monument has been erected in his honor at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

I have learned some lessons from his life. These lessons might be helpful to others too.

First -- He lived a good life and therefore was not afraid to go to war, although it meant probable death.

Second -- He was loyal to his country.

Third -- He was very patient. He did not complain but did all he could to cheer others.

Fourth -- He was thrifty. He did not squander his money but put it where it would be helpful to some other person if he should die.

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