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My Most Interesting Ancestor
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My Most Interesting Ancestor


Dorothy Henderson

Grade 9

My great grandfather was a gunmaker or a gunsmith as they were then called. He made guns of many types but took special interest in making the ones with fancy handles. This was the custom in those days.

By continuing this trade he was able to provide for his wife and infant son. His wife died, however when his son was two years of age. A few years after the death of his first wife, he met another lady to whom he became very much attached. After a very close friendship they were engaged to be married. During the engagement a call was made for volunteers for the army. My great grandfather felt it was his duty to enlist and did so, much to the sorrow of his fiancée. Although it was very hard to leave his home and friends the time of departure had to come.

After he had gone to war he wrote letters very often to his parents. In these letters he betrayed the thought that he would never return. He said, had he not gone to war he would have married the lady he loved and she would have raised his son and filled the place of the child's mother but since this event would probably not take place he wished his parents to care for the child and raise him.

He was an officer and therefore received a salary. He sent his entire salary home to his parents who were to save it or invest it for his son. His parents bought a farm with this money which was given to him when he was able to manage it.

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