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Finally, in the essay, drawn from the memories of the soldier's daughter-in-law, many of the facts I had culled from primary sources were drawn together and put in a more personal light. Perhaps some details of the essay were supplied by the fertile imagination of a teenage girl but it is important to note that the primary sources support much of the story (This is even more remarkable considering it was written nearly seventy years after the events in question!). What is also clear is that as early as the 1930s some significant misinformation had begun to creep into the family legend.

The purpose of the current article is to bring to light all the available information about Sergeant Sedwick and his wife and to dispel some of the misinformation that has crept into family legend. Within this article, my grandmother's essay is reprinted, followed by a biography derived from the many available resources. Transcriptions of the records from two important Sedwick family Bibles are appended. It is my hope that having combined all of this information in one article, I have put some "flesh" on the bare factual "bones" of the story of George and Melinda Sedwick and have offered to their descendants a reasonably complete and interesting profile of their nearly-forgotten ancestors.


Stephen R. Schall

March 10, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

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