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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick

a book compiled by Hubert Merrill Sedgwick (1867 - 1950)
published posthumously in 1961 by The New Haven Colony Historical Society

Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick was the eleventh child of Samuel Sedgwick 1667 and Mary Hopkins. His descendants include many Famous Sedgwicks, including Theodore Sedgwick, General John Sedgwick, and the actress Kyra Sedgwick.

This book was a culmination of 100 years work of the four major Sedgwick genealogists - George, Federick, Francis and Hubert. Hubert held the archives they all had worked on. When he died in 1950, the data was all given to The New Haven Colony Historical Society. The book was published in 1961, after his daughter provided funds to do so.

I have been given permission by the Society to add the book here at Here is the entire text of the book, for your personal use with their compliments.

If you'd like a copy of the book, ordered it directly from the New Haven Colony Historical Society, 114 Whitney Avenue, New Haven CT 06510, phone 203-562-4183. They have thirty or more copies available. The price is $30 plus $5 shipping to US addresses.

This book is also available online at Family Tree Maker's GLC is a subscription data service. It costs ten dollars per month or one hundred per year. I recommend it highly for Sedgwick genealogists, because a lot of Sedgwick-related information is available there. For GLC subscribers, this link will go straight to the book.

Links to the sections of the book:
Photo of Hubert M. Sedgwick
Table of Contents
Robert to Children of Samuel
The Numbering Code
Benjamin (B) m. Ann Thompson 3
Sarah (B1) m. Hezekiah Gold and descendants 9
John (B2) m. Abigail Andrews and descendants 53
Benjamin (B3) m. Mary Tuttle and descendants 147
Theodore (B4) m. Pamela Dwight and descendants 167
Mary Ann (B5) m. Job Swift and descendants 264
Lorain (Laura) (B6) m. Jacob Parsons and descendants 310
Index (see also index in page list to left) 315
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