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Mary Ann's brother, Erastus (B55) had gone to Galesburg in 1836 "for the health of his daughter, Semanthe" (see sketch of Erastus), leaving the health-giving and scenic tonic of the Green Mountain--Lake Champlain section which now vies with the Adirondacks as an American health center--for the prairies. Mary Ann and Hiram Everest followed for the free lands and homesteads of northern Illinois.

They were living in Moriah, N.Y., in 1832 when daughter Mary Ann was born and even as late as 1841 when Persis married William D. Holcomb. As Mr. Holcomb died in Galesburg in 1856 and Hiram Sedgwick died there in 1852, the family must have gone there about that period. --Mrs. Telford. They resided until their deaths in the house they had built at Galesburg, Hiram's on October 12, 1857, and Mary's on April 3, 1875, according to three obituaries. Children (Everest):

1. Persis Swift, b. May 24, 1820, at Shoreham, Vt. (B5E,1)

2. Hiram Sedgwick, b. June 8, 1824, at Shoreham, Vt. (B5E,2)

3. Mary Ann, b. August 18, 1832, at Moriah, N.Y. (B5E,3)

Persis Swift Everest, 1st child of Mary Ann (Swift) Everest (B5E) and Hiram Everest, was born May 24, 1820, at Shoreham, Vt., and married at Moriah, N.Y., May 24, 1841, William D. Holcomb, a farmer. They lived at Moriah and Westport, N.Y., both just across the Hudson into New York State, and at Galesburg, Illinois. She died at Chicago June 13, 1884. Child (Holcomb):

1. Clara Jane (Jennie), b. November 21, 1845, at Westport, N.Y.; graduated from Knox College, 1865; m. Charles G. Field.

Hiram Sedgwick Everest, 2d child of Mary Ann (Swift) Everest (B5E) and Hiram Everest, was born June 8, 1824, at Shoreham, Vt., and married at Middle Granville, N.Y., January 8, 1850, Amanda Sumner. They had a child Mary Emma Everest (B5E,21), born August 11, 1851 at Middle Granville. He died at Galesburg, Illinois, September 25, 1852, and is buried

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