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Ph.D., 1929. He married at Scarsdale, N.Y., June 2, 1934, Valeria Dean Burgess, daughter of Thomas Foljambe Burgess and Laura Vernon (Crane) Burgess, born February 17, 1912, at Scarsdale. He is a chemist, has been assistant professor at McGill University and a member of the Yale faculty and is with the General Aniline and Film Corporation at 247 Park Avenue, New York City. They reside at 207 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, Conn. Children:

1. Valeria Dean, b. June 6, 1936, at Wilmington, Del. (B5A,163,31)

2. Harriet Safford, b. April 4, 1938, at Montreal, Canada. (B5A,163,32)

3. Philip Crocker, b. June 10, 1940, at Montreal, Canada. (B5A,163,33)

Heman Swift, 12th child of Mary Ann (Sedgwick) Swift (B5) and Rev. Job Swift, was born September 30, 1791, at Bennington, Vt., and died there January 30, 1856. He married December 3, 1817, Ruth Robinson, daughter of Colonel Moses Robinson of that place. He was called "the younger Dr. Swift" and, as all his children were born at Bennington Centre, we assume that he lived there and that his brother, Dr. Noadiah Swift, lived at Bennington. Heman graduated at Middlebury College in 1811 and began practicing medicine there in 1821. He was long a member of the Congregational Church at Bennington and was "much respected and deeply lamented." Children:

1. Charles Wright, b. April 18, 1820. (B5C,1)

2. Mary Jeannette, b. May 21, 1824. (B5C,2)

3. Heman Sedgwick, b. June 16, 1827. (B5C,3)

4. Henry Martyn, b. March 22, 1832. (B5C,4)

Charles Wright Swift, 1st child of Heman Swift (B5C) and Ruth (Robinson) Swift, was born April 18, 1820, at Bennington Centre, Vermont. He married August 25, 1875, Charlotte Louise Corbiere at Albany, N.Y. He died aged 82 in the old Swift house at Bennington Centre. His widow survived him. An obituary notice said:

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