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8. Clara Gray, b. July 15, 1833; d. December 6, 1859, at Detroit, Mich.; unmarried.

9. Frederick, b. June 19, 1836; d. in Civil War July 28, 1862, in camp before Richmond near Harrison's Landing; unmarried. (B57,9)

10. Sarah Young, b. July 25, 1841; d. January 2, 1842.

George Sedgwick Swift, 3d child of Hon. Samuel Swift (B57) and Mary B. (Young) Swift, was born December 24, 1819, at Middlebury, Vermont, twin of Jane Sarah Swift, and died in 1893. He was a member of the class of 1839 at Middlebury College, a lawyer and distinguished judge both in Vermont and Detroit, to which he moved in 1856. A tribute to his services in the Recorder's Court follows:

"He was extremely fair, maintaining his court rule with great dignity and was universally respected."

He married at Middlebury, November 4, 1851, Louise May, daughter of General Mills May, born at Bethel, Vermont. Children:

1. George, b. August 31, 1852, at Middlebury, Vt. (B57,31)

2. Charles May, b. March 19, 1854, at Middlebury, Vt. (B57,32)

3. Clarence Gray, b. March 29, 1856, at Detroit, Mich.; has resided in Spokane, Washington. (B57,33)

4. Samuel Sedgwick, b. July 4, 1860, at Detroit, Mich.; d. unmarried, aged 23.

George Swift, 1st child of George Sedgwick Swift (B57,3) and Louisa (May) Swift, was born August 31, 1852 (SWYFT GENEALOGY) at Middlebury, Vermont, and married Marie McKenna, a Canadian. He was an expert chemist and a philanthropist and was greatly beloved and widely known in Detroit where they resided and where he died. He had an active part in all public welfare work and every place of business closed on the day of his funeral. His wife died at Middlebury in 1918. Children, all born at Detroit:

1. Frances Louise, b. April 19, 1888. (B57,311)

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