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at Florence, Mass. Congregationalists. They reside at 39 Roe Avenue, Northampton, Mass. Child:

1. William Charles, b. August 3, 1940, at Northampton, Mass. (B56,811,11)

Warren Roger Swift, 2d child of George Sedgwick (B56,811) and Florence (Jager) Swift, was born March 11, 1914, at Northhampton, Mass. He married in July 1936, Patricia Manning, daughter of John J. Manning and Jane (Collins) Manning of Cambridge, Mass. Congregationalists. He is manager for the G.R. Kinney Company of Greenfield, Mass., where they reside. Child:

1. Richard Warren, b. May 16, 1938, at Northampton, Mass. (B56,811,21)

Mary Ide Swift, 3d child of Charles Benjamin Swift (B56,8) and Mary Ann (Smith) Swift, was born February 12, 1865, at St. Albans, Vermont, where she resided until 1888 when she moved to Northampton, Mass., and lived until her death in that city November 25, 1926. Unmarried. She was court stenographer in the Superior Court of Hampshire and Franklin counties, Massachusetts.

Alfred Brown Swift, 9th and youngest child of Hon. Benjamin Swift (B56) and Rebecca (Brown) Swift, was born September 3, 1827, at St. Albans, Vermont, and died at Enosburg, Vermont, in 1884. He married October 7, 1857, J. Elizabeth Griffith of Brooklyn, N.Y., born in 1835. He was for 23 years pastor of the Congregational Church at Enosburg. Children:

1. Mary Griffith, b. August 5, 1858, at Middle Granville, N.Y.; d. June 22, 1868, at Enosburg, Vt.

2. Walter Griffith, b. September 30, 1861, at St. Albans, Vt.; d. July 11, 1868, at Enosburg, Vt.

3. Benjamin, b. April 21, 1863, at Enosburg, Vt. (B56,93)

4. Henry Dow, b. June 13, 1889, at Enosburg, Vt. (B56,94)

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