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2. Robert Sedgwick, b. September 9, 1913, at St. Albans, Vt. (B56,613,2)

Dorothy Louisa Houghton, 1st child of Theodore Sedgwick Houghton (B56,613) and Elvena (Hawkes) Houghton, was born September 26, 1911, at Jamaica, L.I. and studied at the Berlitz School of Languages in Edinburgh, Scotland. She married at St. Albans June 14, 1934, Hamilton Stewart Peyton, son of Bronson Murray Peyton and Anna (Phillips) Peyton of Duluth, Minn., where they reside at 3431 East Second Street. Mr. Peyton, a Princeton University graduate, was trust officer in the Minnesota National Bank of Duluth. He was a Major in the Coast Guard Artillery Corps in the Army when he completed two years' service in 1945. Children, both born at Duluth (Peyton):

1. Murray Stewart, b. April 30, 1935. (B56,613,11)

2. Theodore Sedgwick, b. February 2, 1938. (B56,613,12)

Robert Sedgwick Houghton, 2d child of Theodore Sedgwick Houghton (B56,613) and Elvena (Hawkes) Houghton, was born September 9, 1913, at St. Albans, Vermont, attended the University of Vermont and the University of Alabama and was director of the school savings and bond department of the Bank for Savings and Trusts, Birmingham, Alabama. He married May 12, 1943, Mary Lois Baumgartner, born at Tulsa, Oklahoma, daughter of Robert Haston Baumgartner and Alberta (Stevenson) Baumgartner. In 1895 he was a Corporal in the United States Engineering Corps, stationed at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky.

Charles Benjamin Swift, 8th child of Hon. Benjamin Swift (B56) and Rebecca (Brown) Swift, was born October 29, 1824, and died in 1885 at St. Albans, Vt. He married at Hadley, Mass., September 25, 1851, Mary Ann Smith, born January 8, 1829, daughter of Elijah and Maria Smith of that town. He was a furrier and passenger agent for the Central Vermont Railroad. Children:

1. Charles William Swift, b. December 25, 1854, at St. Albans, Vt. (B56,81)

2. George Sedgwick Swift, b. December 16, 1856; d. August 11, 1857.

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