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He married March 1, 1804, Louisa, daughter of Zadock and Sarah Everest of Addison, Vt. He removed to Galesburg, Ill., in 1836 "for the sake of the health of his daughter, Semanthe, then 17 years old." Semanthe, although delicate as a girl, lived to be 72 years old. Mr. Swift in a buggy led the wagon train which left northern Vermont for the "West." He became counselor and largely founder and leader of the colony and died in it April 11, 1848. His wife, who had been born December 10, 1778, at Addison, died September 30, 1860, at Galesburg. Children, all born at Addison, Vt.:

1. Sally Ann, b. April 25, 1805; m. David Chambers in 1828; d. in 1831 at Addison, had a daughter Ellen who married a Mr. Hitchcock. (B55,1)

2. Job, b. and d. March 19, 1807.

3. Mary Ann, b. November 2, 1808; m. Rev. Washington Roosevelt; d. when 22 years old. (B55,3)

4. Job, name given because of early death of first son Job; b. May 9, 1811. (B55,4)

5. Louise Everest, b. September 18, 1813. (B55,5)

6. Hiram Everest, b. June 27, 1816. (B55,6)

7. Semanthe (Semantha), b. April 13, 1819. (B55,7)

8. Lorain, b. September 21, 1822; d. at Addison, Vt., 1835.

Job Swift, 4th child of Erastus Swift (B55) and Louisa (Everest) Swift, was born May 9, 1811, at Addison, Vt., and died at Galesburg, Ill., January 27, 1879. He married at Middle Granville, N.Y., February 14, 1854, Mrs. Amanda (Sumner) Everest, widow of Hiram Sedgwick Everest and daughter of John Sumner of Hartland, Vt., where she was born February 8, 1824. She died at Galesburg August 3, 1904. Children, both born at Galesburg:

1. Minnie, b. May 9, 1856; d. October 17, 1857.

2. Frances Amanda, b. June 7, 1859, at Galesburg, Ill. (B55,42)

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