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Va., Mrs. Janet McNeir Pflieger, daughter of Burrows McNier of Warrenton and Mrs. Bowley Russell of Bronxville, N.Y. She was formerly wife of John James Pflieger. They were divorced in October 1944. Mr. Prentice has been reporter for the New York Herald-Tribune, editor and general manager of the Camden, N.J. Post Telegram, managing editor of the New Bedford Times, news editor of the Philadelphia Record, business manager of the magazine Fortune, circulation director of the magazine Time and since 1939 its vice-president. They reside at 678 Ely Avenue, Pelham, N.Y. Children:

1. Mildred Barbara, b. January 19, 1927, at Bedford, Mass. (B54,323,11)

2. Carolyn Sumner, b. September 6, 1933, at Mt. Vernon, N.Y. (B54,323,12)

Sartell Prentice, 2d child of Sartell Prentice II (B54,323) and Lydia Beekman (Vanderpoel) Prentice, was born December 28, 1903, at Newark, N.J., and graduated, B.A., in 1925 at Leland Stanford University and M.B.A., in 1927 at the Harvard School of Business Administration. He has been with the Vacuum Oil Company at Genoa, Italy; the Socony Vacuum Oil Company, New York City; and the Time Magazine as advertising representative for New England. He married June 24, 1939, at Pelham Manor, N.Y., Agnes Lorraine Papekas of Hartford, Conn., daughter of Matthew and Antose (Valichke) Papekas. They live at 166 Prescott Street, Reading, Mass. Child:

1. Peter Sartell, b. June 17, 1943, at Boston, Mass. (B54,323,21)

Mary Isham Prentice, 5th child of Mary Adeline (Isham) Prentice (B54,32) and Sartell Prentice, was born December 17, 1880, at Chicago, attended the Farmington, Conn., school for young ladies, 1898-1900, and married February 19, 1901, at Chicago, Henry Home Porter, Jr., of that city. He was graduated, B.S., in 1898 in the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University and has been prominent in railroad and financial affairs in Chicago. He died in August 1933, in that city. Mrs. Porter resides at Manchester, Vt. Children, all born at Chicago (Porter):

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