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2. Edward Bulkeley, b. September 10, 1808. (B53,2)

3. Juliette Ann, b. June 8, 1810; m. 1846 Hon. Ebenezer Ford of Mississippi. (B53,3)

4. Theodore Serenus, b. February 16, 1813; m. Minerva Harmon, August 1, 1839, in Mississippi (B53,4)

Job Sidney Swift, 1st child of Serenus Swift (B53) and Rachel (Bulkeley) Swift, was born June 1, 1807 at Manchester, Vt., became an Episcopal clergyman and died in 1879 at Dalton, Ga., at the home of Mrs. Fanny (Swift) Lester, daughter of Colonel Thomas S. Swift and a teacher at that time in Dalton Female College. He was never married.

Edward Bulkeley Swift, 2d child of Serenus Swift (B53) and Rachel (Bulkeley) Swift, was born September 10, 1808. He married October 23, 1838, at Manchester, Vt., Christina Hawkins. He died April 21, 1862. Children:

1. Theodore, b. December 29, 1839. (B53,21)

2. George H., b. 1841. (B53,22)

3. Mary Augusta, b. November 19, 1852; d. March 8, 1857.

Theodore Swift, 1st child of Edward Bulkeley Swift (B53,2) and Christina (Hawkins) Swift, was born December 29, 1839, at Manchester, Vt. He married September 13, 1870, at Manchester, Agnes M. Burton of that place where he ran a general store. Children, all born at Manchester:

1. Maud Agnes, b. August 5, 1871. (B53,211)

2. Burton, b. August 16, 1872. (B53,212)

3. Fannie, b. October 1, 1880; d. May 23, 1881.

4. Edward H., b. November 23, 1883. (B53,214)

Noadiah Swift, 4th child of Mary Ann (Sedgwick) Swift (B5) and Rev. Job Swift, was born February 27 (24), 1776, at Amenia, N.Y., and married March 28, 1802, Jennette Henderson of Bennington, Vt.; died there March 21, 1860. She died February 10,

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