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4. Elizabeth Sedgwick, b. July 25, 1863; d. in Boston, unmarried, January 7, 1924. (B4A,34)

5. Louise Sedgwick, b. October 23, 1865; resides at 157 E. 72d Street, New York City; has resided much in Paris. (B4A,35)

6. William Frederick, b. September 2, 1868. (B4A,36)

Charles Sedgwick Rackemann, 1st child of Elizabeth D. (Sedgwick) Rackemann (B4A,3) and Frederic W. Rackemann, was born June 21, 1857, at Lenox, Mass., and died March 29, 1933, at Boston, Mass. He attended Harvard Law School, 1879-1881. He was senior partner of the law firm of Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster of 1 Court Street, Boston. He married June 27, 1900, Fanny Sedgwick Pomeroy, daughter of Theodore Sedgwick Pomeroy (B41,11) and Isabelle (Low) Pomeroy, his third cousin, born in San Francisco. No children.

Felix Rackemann, 3d child of Elizabeth Dwight (Sedgwick) Rackemann (B4A,3) and Frederic W. Rackemann, was born June 17, 1861, at Lenox, Mass., and died November 14, 1934, at Milton, Mass. He married May 19, 1886, Julia Minot, born December 1, 1863, daughter of Francis Minot and Sarah Parkman (Blake) Minot of Boston. He studied at the Harvard Law School. He was active in Boston civic affairs and was a member of the law firm of Dunbar & Rackemann, Court Street, Boston. He built a large house at Milton, Mass. Mrs. Rackemann died April 19, 1945, at Brookline, Mass. Children, all born in Boston:

1. Francis Minot, b. June 4, 1887. (B4A,331)

2. Elizabeth Sedgwick, b. March 30, 1890; d. May 9, 1897, at Milton, Mass.

3. Sarah Parkman, b. July 7, 1892. (B4A,333)

Francis Minot Rackemann, 1st child of Felix (B4A,33) and Julia (Minot) Rackemann, was born June 4, 1887, at Boston, married there April 28, 1917, Dorothy Mandell, born February 19, 1890, daughter of William Dutton Mandell and Carrie (Braman) Mandell of that city, graduated at Harvard, A.B., 1909; 1912, M.D.; and is Associate in Medicine, Harvard Medical School and

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