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Mass., was erected by him in memory of Mrs. Susan Ridley Butler. Three children were born, all at Stockbridge and all died young (Butler):

1. Charles Sedgwick, b. September 16, 1856; d. June 12, 1866.

2. Henrietta Sedgwick, b. March 19, 1859; d. June 4, 1859.

3. Robert Sedgwick, b. October 15, 1861; d. April 3, 1866.

Henrietta Ellery Sedgwick, 5th chilf of Robert (48) and Elizabeth Dana (Ellery) Sedgwick, was born at Newport, R.I., October 18, 1829. She married her cousin, Henry Dwight Sedgwick II. See his record (B47,4).

Katherine Maria Sedgwick, original spelling "Catharine," for her distinguished relative, the pioneer American novelist; believed to have been changed to Katherine after her removal to Germany; was born October 7, 1831, in New York City, died in September 1884, in Lagenschwalbach, Germany, and was buried there. She married, 1st, Joseph Valerio of Genoa, Italy. After his death she married, 2d, November 22, 1871, William T. Washburn. She had one daughter by the latter marriage who, after the death of her mother, lived in the home of her uncle, Henry Dwight Sedgwick, of New York City and Stockbridge, Mass. This daughter was:

1. Nathalie D'Oremieulx Washburn, who took the name of Nathalie Sedgwick, b. February 4, 1873. (B48,61)

Nathalie D'Oremieulx Washburn, who took the name of Nathalie Sedgwick, only child of Katherine Maria (Sedgwick) Washburn and William T. Washburn, was born February 4, 1873, in New York City. At the age of ten, upon the death of her mother, she returned to Sedgwick House in Stockbridge and in 1895 married there at the age of twenty a 23-year old lawyer named Bainbridge Colby, who had been earning $12 a week but who became Secretary of State in the cabinet of President Woodrow Wilson. He was born December 22, 1875, in St. Louis, Mo., son of John Peck Colby and Frances (Bainbridge) Colby. He was a graduate of Columbia University and the New York Law School. He brought about large reforms in the insurance companies, was a member

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