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Va., son of George Armistead Gibson and Alice (McClung) Gibson of that city. George graduated at St. Christopher's School, the University of Virginia, and the Harvard Law School, 1928. He is a member of the law firm of Hunton, Williams, Anderson, Gay & Moore of Richmond. Edith graduated at the Brearly School, New York City, and in 1928 from Smith College. They reside at 9 River Road, Richmond, Va. Children, both born at Richmond, Va. (Gibson):

1. Pamela Sedgwick, b. May 10, 1936. (B47,432,1)

2. Alice Armistead, b. March 18, 1938. (B47,432,2)

Harold Bend Sedgwick, 3d child of Rev. Theodore Sedgwick (B47,43) and Mary A. (Bend) Sedgwick, was born February 13, 1908, at St. Paul, Minn., attended the Friends' Seminary, New York City, Kermeyer's School for Boys, Exeter Academy, and graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1930; studied in Rome, Italy, 1930-32; attended the Episcopal Theological School at Cambridge, Mass., 1932-1935; was ordained Deacon in June, 1935; made priest, 1936; assistant, Christ Church, Cambridge, Mass., 1938; rector, All Saints, Brookline, Mass., 1938.

Charles Sedgwick, 4th child of Rev. Theodore Sedgwick (B47,43) and Mary A. (Bend) Sedgwick, was born in New York City June 26, 1912. He attended the Friends' Seminary, New York City; schools at Rome, Italy; Riverdale Country Day School; Exeter Academy; Harvard, A.B., 1934; and Sorbonne, Paris, 1932-5. He was on the stage, 1935-9, part of the time at Hollywood and has been a teacher at the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn.

He entered the U.S. Naval Reserve, May 28, 1942, at Annapolis, was a member of the faculty of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, until September 1943; a member of the staff of the French Naval Mission at Washington, D.C. until April, 1945; and an aide to an Admiral of the U.S. Fleet in the Panama Canal Zone, where he was located early in 1946 with the rank of Lieutenant Commander until he was discharged September 7, 1946, at New York City. He has the American Theater and Victory ribbons. He returned to Harvard in 1947 to obtain the M.A. degree in Romance Literature and resided with his brother, Rev. Harold B. Sedgwick, 1789 Beacon Street, Brookline, Mass.

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