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Asia in 1903 as a member of the Pumpelly Expedition. In 1910, after twice writing the Cyrenica, he was leader of an archaeological expedition sent to Cyrene by the Archaeological Institute of America and the Bostom Museum of Fine Arts.

At the outbreak of the Great War he was organizer, chief and leader of the American Volunteer Ambulance Corps, which during its three years of service won distinction and a heroic memory through the devotion and courage of its members. When, at the entrance of our country into the war in 1917, the government took over all volunteer organizations, Richard Norton went into our naval intelligence, but his health had been undermined and he died in Paris August 2, 1918. Their daughter, Susan, and her mother reside at 1921 Kalorama Road, Washington, D.C. Child:

1. Susan, b. May 3, 1902, at Rome, Italy. (B44,126,1)

Sara Price Ashburner Sedgwick, 3d child of Theodore Sedgwick III and Sarah M. (Ashburner) Sedgwick, was born November 8, 1839. She married November 28, 1879, William Erasmus Darwin, a banker of Southampton, England, and the eldest son of Charles Darwin, the naturalist. Miss Elizabeth G. Norton, Mrs. Darwin's niece, wrote, when asked if she would give something of her aunt:

"In her day and generation ladies did not go to schools or belong to clubs. I know no facts about her education. I think that she was born at Owl's Head, Long Island. She lived before her marriage in Stockbridge and Cambridge and after her marriage at Southampton, England. She died in London and was buried in the churchyard of the parish of Stoneham, near Southhampton. Her husband, William Erasmus Darwin, was a banker. I think that the date of his death was in 1915 and was in London. Their lives were unmarked by any outstanding events. There were no children."

Arthur George Sedgwick, 5th child of Theodore III (B44,1) and Sarah M. (Ashburner) Sedgwick, was born October 6, 1844, in New York City and died July 14, 1915, at Pittsfield, Mass. He married November 16, 1882, Lucy Tuckerman, born February 2, 1858, at Staten Island, N.Y., daughter of Lucius and Eliza Wolcott (Gibbs) Tuckerman of New York City. She died May 12, 1904, and was buried at Stockbridge, Mass., where her husband was later buried.

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