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His works STATUTES and CONSTITUTIONAL LAW attained wide celebrity in both this country and in Europe. He was a Democrat and took an active part in politics, although he never held office until he was appointed in 1858 United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He opposed the annexation of Texas on the ground that it would extend slavery. He wrote a series of articles, published in the Evening Post under the signature "Veto", which were afterward issued in pamphlet form, now said to embody most of the arguments which have since been asserted by the Republican party in support of their Cardinal Principles. He was one of the founders of the New York Infirmary for Women and Children. With his passing, the honored name of Theodore, borne by himself, his father and grandfather for more than a hundred years, ceased to exist in the direct line. Two of his sons were named Theodore but both died in infancy. His first four children were born at Stockbridge, Arthur George in New York City, Charles Ridley at Lenox and Maria at Cambridge, Mass. Children:

1. Theodore, b. August, 1836; d. March, 1837.

2. Susan Ridley, b. February 21, 1838. (B44,12)

3. Sara Price Ashburner, b. November 8, 1839. (B44,13)

4. Theodore, b. May, 1841; d. January, 1842, at Stockbridge.

5. Arthur George, b. October 6, 1844. (B44,15)

6. Charles Ridley, b. October 8, 1846; d. October 26, 1846, at Lenox.

7. Maria Theodora, b. March 4, 1851. (B44,17)

Susan Ridley Sedgwick, 2d child of Theodore Sedgwick III (B44,1) and Sarah M. (Ashburner) Sedgwick, was born February 21, 1838, at Stockbridge and died February 17, 1872, at Dresden, Germany, at the birth of her sixth child. She married at Stockbridge, Mass., May 21, 1858, Charles Eliot Norton, born November 16, 1827, at Shady Hill, Cambridge, Mass., where he died in 1908. He was the son of Andrews Norton, professor at Harvard University, 1819-1830, who was born December 31, 1786, at Hingham, Mass. Professor Andrews Norton was a son of Rev. Samuel, he the son of Captain John, he the son of Rev. John, all of Hingham, Mass. Rev. John was son of Rev. William

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