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Swift and Elizabeth (Hawes) Swift. They have resided at Providence, R.I., and Hartford and live at 186 Randolph Avenue, Milton. He has been connected with the Grinnell Sprinkler Company and has been in insurance. Children, both born at Providence:

1. Henry Russell, Jr., b. September 29, 1913. (B43,474,1)

2. Theodore Sedgwick, b. June 6, 1915. (B43,474,2)

Henry Russell Watson, Jr., 1st child of Henry Russell Watson (B43,474) and Elizabeth (Swift) Watson, was born September 29, 1912, at Providence, R.I. He graduated, A.B., from Harvard in 1935, and served several years in the Massachusetts National Guard, entering the Army September 16, 1940, at Boston, Mass., as a member of the First Corps Cadets. From then until July 1, 1944, when they left this country for Europe he was at various camps in Texas, California and North Carolina, winning promotion to Lieutenant. That summer they were stationed at the White Cliffs of Dover, defending England against attacks from the V-1's. After a short stay at Cherbourg, France, they spent nearly two years in Belgium trying to keep the V-1's from destroying Antwerp. Their battalion, the 126th, was one which General Montgomery requested for the defense of Antwerp, where they remained for five months, except for a short time in December when they were sent to defend Leige at the time of the German "break through." During the last six days of the Antwerp Campaign the A.A. battalions attained 97.85 percent success when only two of 91 flying bombs which were plotted as Antwerp bound struck within the vital area. In April, 1945, they were assigned to the protection of two Rhine bridges at Mannheim and after V-E Day collected A.A. equipment in Langeweigen and Wurzburg.

He was in life insurance before he entered the war and since his discharge October 26, 1945, at Camp Devens, he has been connected with the National Shawmut Bank of Boston as salesman. He married April 1, 1944, at Wilmington, North Carolina, Eloise Jackson Honnet, daughter of George Honnet and Eloise (Jackson) Honnet of that city. He resides at 29 Canton Avenue, Milton, Mass. Children:

1. Henry Russell Watson, 3d, b. September 2, 1947, at Boston, Mass. (B43,474,11)

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