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His rowing career and services form a brilliant Harvard tradition. For many years he was in insurance in Boston. He married October 31, 1871, at Irvington-on-Hudson, Susan Grinnell Holdrege, daughter of Henry and Mary Grinnell Holdrege. They resided at Milton, Mass., where he died June 1, 1902. She died at Milton September 16, 1918. Children, all born at Milton:

1. George Holdrege, b. June 11, 1874. (B43,471)

2. Theodore Sedgwick, b. November 6, 1876. (B43,472)

3. Lois Holdrege, b. November 16, 1881. (B43,473)

4. Henry Russell, b. December 25, 1885. (B43,474)

5. Edward Bowditch, b. May 6, 1889. (B43,475)

6. Robert Clifford, Jr., b. August 23, 1893. (B43,476)

George Holdrege Watson, 1st child of Robert Clifford Watson and Susan Grinnell (Holdrege) Watson, was born June 11, 1874, at Milton, Mass., attended Milton Academy and the Hopkinson School in Boston and graduated from Harvard in 1897. He married June 7, 1905, at Bellows Falls, Vt., Margaret Schouler Williams, daughter of James Henry Williams and Fanny W. (Schouler) Williams of Bellows Falls. Upon his graduation from Harvard George was connected with the Burlington Railroad and lived at Omaha, Nebraska, ten years. Upon the death of his brother, Theodore (B43,472), April 19, 1909, he took up his father's insurance business in Boston which Theodore had managed. They resided in Omaha, Sheridan, Wyo., and Pittsburgh, Kan. They live at 216 Randolph Avenue, Milton, Mass. George belongs to the Delphic Club of Harvard. His chief interests are fishing, shooting and fruit raising. Children:

1. Sylvia Hathaway, b. March 9, 1906; at Omaha. (B43,471,1)

2. Margaret, b. December 17, 1907, at Hyde Park, Mass. (B43,471,2)

3. Robert Stevenson, b. March 22, 1910; at Milton, Mass. (B43,471,3)

4. George Holdrege, Jr., b. December 20, 1914, at Milton. (B43,471,4)

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