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3. Eleanor Hathaway, b. April 5, 1908, at Dover, Mass. (B43,465,3)

4. Elton, Jr., b. May 5, 1910, at Framingham Center, Mass. (B43,465,4)

5. Anna Ladd, b. August 20, 1911. (B43,465,5)

Elizabeth Winslow Clark, 1st child of Eleanor Hathaway (Ladd) Clark (B43,465) and Elton Clark, was born September 24, 1901, at Dover, Mass., and served the Red Cross three years during the recent war, largely in Iceland. On returning to this country she started occupational therapy in many Army hospitals, including especially Fort Benning, Georgia.

William Oakes Clark, 2d child of Eleanor Hathaway (Ladd) Clark (B43,465) and Elton Clark, was born at Dover, Mass., October 26, 1902, and graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1923. He married October 17, 1931, at Framingham, Mass., Elizabeth Bird, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald W. Bird of Framingham, and devoted his life to mining research previous to beginning his military career. He was Captain in the Army Air Corps, joined the Ordnance Department where he was made Major, stationed at Midland and Forth Worth, Texas, and then at Washington, D.C. They live at Hazlecroft, Framingham Center, Mass. Children, all born at Framingham:

1. George Winslow, b. April 19, 1937; d. February 6, 1945.

2. Dean Ladd, b. July 2, 1941. (B43,465,22)

3. William Oakes, Jr., b. March 27, 1946. (B43,465,23)

Eleanor Hathaway Clark, 3d child of Eleanor Hathaway (Ladd) Clark (B43,465) and Elton Clark, was born April 5, 1908, at Framingham Center, Mass., and married May 30, 1933, at that place Stanley Wyman Swaim, Jr., of Needham, Mass., Harvard A.B., 1931. He has been engaged in mining in Nevada and is interested in insurance. They reside at Hunting Lane, Sherborn, Mass. Children, both born at Framingham, Mass. (Swaim):

1. Stanley Clark, b. February 17, 1936. (B43,465,31)

2. Eleanor Hathaway, b. June 5, 1938. (B43,465,32)

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