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Sylvia Hathaway Watson, 1st child of Robert Sedgwick Watson (B43,4) and Mary Taber (Hathaway) Watson, was born July 23, 1834, at New York City. She attended the private school kept in Stockbridge, Mass., by Miss Catherine Sedgwick, the authoress. She married September 15, 1873, at Cohasset, Mass., William Ralph Emerson, of Alton, Ill. They lived and died at Milton, Mass.

Jane Sedgwick Watson, 4th child of Robert Sedgwick Watson (B43,4) and Mary Taber (Hathaway) Watson, was born May 16, 1838, at New Bedford, Mass. She had a twin sister, Louisa, who died at the age of one year. She married June 10, 1869, Edward Cranch Perkins of Boston, who grew up in Connecticut. He was son of James Handasyd Perkins, Unitarian minister of that city and of Sarah H. (Elliott) Perkins. He attended Exeter Academy, was on the Harvard crew against Yale at Lake Quinisgamond, Worcester, and graduated at Harvard College and at the Harvard Law School. He was a prominent Boston lawyer and cotton buyer for New England mills, developed mining properties and was counsel for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad of which his brother, Charles E. Perkins, was president. His Harvard classmate, William Jones Ladd, married his wife's sister, Anna Russell Watson (B43,46).

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cranch Perkins resided in Milton, Mass., where Mr. Perkins died December 4, 1914. Mrs. Perkins died in March, 1912, at Milton. Children, all born at Milton, Mass. (Perkins):

1. Thomas Nelson, b. May 6, 1870. (B43,441)

2. Elliot, b. October 23, 1873. (B43,442)

3. James Handasyd, b. January 11, 1876. (B43,443)

4. John Forbes, b. March 6, 1878. (B43,444)

Thomas Nelson Perkins, 1st child of Jane Sedgwick (Watson) Perkins (B43,44) and Edward Cranch Perkins, was born May 6, 1870, at Milton, Mass., and died October 7, 1937, at Westwood, Mass. Senior member of the Harvard University Corporation, one time member of the World War Reparations Commission and former president and chairman of the board of directors of the

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