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Virginia Briant Watson, oldest child of Egbert Perlet Watson (B43,231) and Lillie Hayes (Briant) Watson, was born June 9, 1885, at Elizabeth, N.J. She married October 17, 1907, in New York City, Reuben Herbert Reeve, bank manager, born September 14, 1883, at Summit, N.J., a bank official. In 1926 they moved to Toms River, N.J., where their residence is 30 Seward Avenue. She organized and was regent of the Toms River Chapter, D.A.R., and organized and was chairman of the American Women's Voluntary Service. She has written stories and verse for magazines. Children, all born at Summit, N.J. (Reeve):

1. Frederick Bruce, b. September 20, 1908. (B43,231,11)

2. Evelyn Watson, b. December 27, 1912. (B43,231,12)

3. Dorothy Virginia, b. April 6, 1914. (B43,231,13)

Frederick Bruce Reeve, 1st child of Virginia Briant Watson Reeve (B43,231,1) and Reuben Herbert Reeve, was born September 20, 1908, at Summit, N.J., and married August 10, 1935, at Toms River, N.J., Miss Georgina Stillman, born in Nova Scotia March 28, 1908, a registered nurse. They live at Beechwood, N.J. Child:

1. Bruce Frederick, b. July 11, 1946, at Lakewood, N.J. (B43,231,111)

Evelyn Watson Reeve, 2d child of Virginia Briant (Watson) Reeve, (B43,231,1) and Reuben Herbert Reeve, was born December 27, 1912, at Summit, N.J., and married August 10, 1940, at Toms River, N.J., Millard James Younkers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Younkers of Pine Beach, N.J., born March 1, 1917, at Baltimore. He is a salesman. They live at 9 North Gateway, Toms River, N.J. Children (Younkers):

1. Millard James, Jr., b. July 20, 1943, at Lakewood, N.J. (B43,231,121)

Dorothy Virginia Reeve, 3d child of Virginia Briant (Watson) Reeve (B43,231,1) and Reuben Herbert Reeve, was born April 6, 1914, at Summit, N.J., took a four years' course at Dickinson College, specializing in law and was several years clerk in the

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