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7. Quartus, b. July, 1794.

8. Harvey, b. October 28, 1799, at Norwich, Mass; twin; lived at Westerlo, N.Y.

9. Milton, b. October 28, 1799, twin.

Frances Pamela Sedgwick, 3d child of Hon. Theodore and Pamela (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born May 6, 1778, probably at Great Barrington, Mass., and died June 20, 1842, at Stockbridge, Mass. She married April 9, 1801, Ebenezer Watson, born February 12, 1776, son of Ebenezer Watson of Hartford, Conn., publisher of the Connecticut Courant, and his wife, Hannah (Bunce) Watson.

Ebenezer, Jr. was a publisher in New York City (Whiting & Watson) in 1805 and was afterward clerk in the comptroller's office at Albany, N.Y. After his wife's death he lived at New Bedford, Mass., with his daughter and died at Auburn, N.Y., January 1847. The monument at Stockbridge gives his birth and death each one year later. Children (Watson):

1. Theodore Sedgwick, b. February 22, 1802; d. March 9, 1820.

2. Ebenezer Henry, b. January 20, 1804. (B43,2)

3. Catherine Sears, b. January 17, 1806. (B43,3)

4. Robert Sedgwick, b. August 1, 1809. (B43,4)

5. Frances Pamela, b. September 3, (21), 1811. (One record calls her Frances Sedgwick Watson, b. September 21, 1811). (B43,5)

Ebenezer Henry Watson, 2d child of Frances Pamela Sedgwick (B43) and Ebenezer Watson, was born January 20, 1804, and died September 28, 1850, at Panama, Central America, of cholera. He married November 18, 1829, Elizabeth Jane Knapp, born December 16, 1807, daughter of Peter Knapp of Stamford, Conn., and his wife, Sarah (Bennett) Knapp. His widow married, 2d, March 18, 1855, Ferdinand Hoffman, son of Christian August Hoffman, M.D., of Suhl, Ehrfurth, Prussia. She died July 6, 1865, at Stockbridge, Mass. Children:

1. Frances Sedgwick, b. August 10, 1830; d. September 18, 1830.

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