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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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taken from "Biographies and Annals" 1763, 1778, pages 146, 147, by Professor Franklin Bowditch Dexter, secretary of Yale College and a noted historian of the Colonial period:

"Theodore Sedgwick, the 4th child and youngest son of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick, of West Hartford, Connecticut, and grandson of Captain Samuel and Mary (Hopkins) Sedgwick of West Hartford, was baptized in May, 1746. His mother was Ann, eldest daughter of John and Sarah (Culver) Thompson of Wallingford, Connecticut. In 1748, Benjamin Sedgwick removed to the new township of Cornwall in Litchfield County, Connecticut, and there he died. By the generous efforts and sacrifices of the eldest son, Theodore was enabled to enter Yale but owing to scanty funds and possibly to the fact that he had several times incurred College discipline, he did not finish his course. In August, 1764, his mother married Captain Timothy Judd (Yale 1737) of Waterbury. He received his degree and was enrolled with his class in 1772."--Dexter's Biographies and Annals, 1763-1778, small pp. 146, 147. Children, all by his second wife, Pamela Dwight:

1. Elizabeth Mason, b. April 30, 1775. (B41)

2. An unnamed child, born and died March 27, 1777.

3. Frances Pamela, b. May 6, 1778. (B43)

4. Theodore II, b. December 9, 1780. (B44)

5. Catherine, b. July 11, 1782; d. March 4, 1783.

6. Henry Dwight, b. April 18, 1784; d. March 1, 1785.

7. Henry Dwight, b. September 22, 1785. (B47)

8. Robert, b. June 6, 1787. (B48)

9. Catharine Maria, b. December 28, 1789. (B49)

10. Charles, b. December 15, 1791. (B4A)

Elizabeth Mason Sedgwick, oldest child of Hon. Theodore Sedgwick (B4) and Pamela (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born April 30, 1775, and died October 15, 1827. She married April 23, 1797, Thaddeus Pomeroy of Stockbridge, Mass., born October 23, 1784, at Northampton, Mass., and died March 2, 1847, at Stockbridge. He was son of Quartus Pomeroy and Phoebe Sheldon Pomeroy of Northampton. He graduated at Harvard in 1798 and was a lawyer

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