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Frederick Gillette, 4th child of Eliza (Pomeroy) Gillette (B34,3) and Almerine Gillette, was born April 29, 1839. He married July 10, 1902, Minnie Denning. They lived at Salisbury, Conn.

Lois Sedgwick, 5th child of Mary (Tuttle) Sedgwick and Benjamin Sedgwick, Jr., (B3), was born May 7, 1775, at Canaan, Conn., and died March 3, 1846. She married in 1794 James Fenn of Canaan, son of Theophilus Fenn, of Wallingford, Conn., born March 8, 1771, and died October 2, 1853. He was a representative in the Connecticut State General Assembly (Legislature) three terms; collector of direct tax after the War of 1812; first selectman twenty years. In 1812 he bought the old Sedgwick homestead and occupied it while he lived. Children (Fenn):

1. Frederick James, b. September 22, 1796. (B35,1)

2. Mary, b. May 15, 1798; d. July 20, 1800.

3. Theophilus, b. December 18, 1800. (B35,3)

4. Benjamin Sedgwick, b. November 25, 1803. (B35,4)

5. Julia Eliza, b. April 26, 1806. (B35,5)

6. Frances Parmelia (Pamela), b. December 3, 1808. (B35,6)

7. Betsey Eva, b. Nobember 5, 1810. (B35,7)

8. Caroline (Lois), b. April 15, 1817. (B35,8)

Frederick James Fenn, 1st child of Lois (Sedgwick) Fenn (B35) and James Fenn, was born September 22, 1796, and died March 24, 1855, at Harrisburg, Pa. He married December 11, 1823, Emeline Haskins, daughter of Ezekiel and Clarissa Haskins of South Canaan, Conn., born May 22, 1800, and died December 24, 1874, at Philadelphia. He graduated at the historic law school at Litchfield, Conn.; opened an office at Sharon, Conn., practiced there fifteen years and was judge of Probate there several years. In 1839 he bought a half interest in a large ore bed, an iron furnace and several thousand acres of land on the Juniata River near Mt. Union, Huntingdon County, Pa., and with his partner, a Mr. Cottrell, carried on the business until the repeal of the tariff in 1843 which caused a suspension of American Iron business when

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