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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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3. Bessie Catharine, b. June 27, 1874; d. June 7, 1896, unmarried.

William Russell Sedgwick, 1st child of Theodore Stoddard Sedgwick (B31,31) and Lucy (Farnsworth) Sedgwick, was born March 9, 1861, at Litchfield, Conn., studied at Litchfield Academy and Trinity College at Hartford. He graduated from the medical course at the College of the City of New York in 1887, was associated for several years in medical practice with the late Dr. E.J. McKnight of Hartford and became medical examiner for several large Boston firms. During this period he resided at Cambridge, Mass., and for twelve years before his death he lived at Bellerica, Mass. He married Alma A. Robinson. No children.

James Theodore Sedgwick, 2d child of Theodore Stoddard Sedgwick and Lucy (Farnsworth) Sedgwick, was born August 3, 1863, at Litchfield, Conn., and died there July 15, 1934. He graduated at the College of the City of New York, M.D., in 1885, and practiced medicine at Greenwich, South Norwalk, and Litchfield, Conn. He was medical examiner at Litchfield, retired from active practice in 1914 and devoted his time to farming and business pursuits. Always a Democrat, as was his father, he was elected to the Conn. General Assembly at the 1909, 1911, and 1913 sessions. He married May 24, 1899, at Litchfield, Mary Agnes Kelly, born January 25, 1871, in County Mayo, Ireland. No children. She resides at Litchfield, Conn.

Susan M. Sedgwick, 5th child of Captain Theodore Sedgwick (B31) and Abigail (Couch) Sedgwick, was born April 19, 1817, and died September 19, 1901. She married March 1, 1846, Daniel William Pease of Canaan, Conn., born August 23, 1817, and died May 12, 1888. Children (Pease):

1. Daniel Sedgwick, b. 1847; d. 1853. (B31,51)

2. Catharine Elizabeth, b. 1849; d. 1853.

3. Mary Abigail, b. March 1, 1852. (B31,53)

4. William Wells, b. March 10, 1854. (B31,54)

5. Charles Sedgwick, b. September 27, 1856. (B31,55)

6. George Walter, b. February 20, 1861. (B31,56)

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