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Roderick Sedgwick Burlingame, 2d child of Katharine Maria (Sedgwick) Burlingame (B2A,39) and Walter A. Burlingame, was born September 19, 1882, at Syracuse. He attended the Goodyear-Burlingame School and Cornell University. He has been a real estate dealer and a washing machine manufacturer and is president of the Drumlins Public Country Club, Syracuse. He married February 16, 1911, at Syracuse, Elizabeth Carson, daughter of Dr. James Carlton Carson and Jane Mary Carson. Unitarians. They reside at Drumlins. Children, all born at Syracuse:

1. Jane Carson, b. May 17, 1912. (B2A,392,1)

2. Elizabeth, b. February 15, 1914. (B2A,392,2)

3. Roderick Sedgwick, Jr., b. June 19, 1919. (B2A,392,3)

Jane Carson Burlingame, 1st child of Roderick Sedgwick Burlingame (B2A,392) and Elizabeth (Carson) Burlingame, was born May 17, 1912, at Drumlins, Syracuse, N.Y., and graduated, B.S., in 1934 at Syracuse University and August 7, 1937, married Clarence Marsh Seabrook of Syracuse, a salesman in the machine tools department of the Syracuse Supply Company, son of Clarence Seabrook and Minnie Marsh Seabrook. They reside at 141 Sagamore Drive, Rochester, N.Y. Children (Seabrook):

1. Clarence Marsh, Jr., b. June 25, 1941, at Syracuse, N.Y. (B2A,392,11)

2. Roderick Burlingame, b. May 29, 1944, at Buffalo, N.Y. (B2A,392,12)

Elizabeth Burlingame, 2d child of Roderick Sedgwick Burlingame (B2A,392) and Elizabeth (Carson) Burlingame, was born February 15, 1914, at Syracuse, N.Y., graduated, A.B., at Radcliffe College in 1935 and married January 6, 1941, at Syracuse George Bache Emory, Jr., son of Dr. and Mrs. George Bache Emory of Morristown, N.J., Princeton, 1935; College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, 1938; was in the U.S. Army medical service, 1942-1945. He was a physician overseas, ranking as Captain with a numbered general Army hospital. Mrs. Emory resides at Drumlins while Dr. Emory spent a year in the Southwest Pacific. He is a practicing physician at Morristown, N.J., where they reside at 1 Franklin Place. (Children (Emory):

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