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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Charlotte Sedgwick, b. April 9, 1876, at Syracuse. (B2A,361)

2. Margaret Burnet, b. October 19, 1877, at Syracuse. (B2A,362)

3. Joseph Lyman, b. June 16, 1879, at Syracuse; d. unmarried at Salt Lake City, November 2, 1938. (B2A,363)

4. Ralph Sedgwick, b. January 7, 1881, at Syracuse. (B2A,364)

5. Gladys, b. October 9, 1885, at Chicago. (B2A,365)

6. Anna Sedgwick, b. August 7, 1887, at Chicago. (B2A,366)

7. Deborah Gannett, b. November 10, 1890, at Chicago. (B2A,367)

Charlotte Sedgwick Silsbee, 1st child of Anna Baldwin (Sedgwick) Silsbee (B2A,36) and Joseph Lyman Silsbee, was born April 9, 1876, at Syracuse, N.Y., and married, 1st, Francis Drexel Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mather Smith, at Edgewater, Ill., in 1900. They were divorced in June, 1912, and she married at Cheyenne, Wyo., in July, 1912, 2d, Robert Howard Walsh of Sheridan, Wyo., son of Rev. Lionel Walsh of Richmond, England, and president of the First National Bank of Sheridan. He died December 30, 1939. Mrs. Walsh resides at 647 South Main Street, Sheridan, Wyo. Child, by her first husband (Smith):

1. Lyman Silsbee, b. June 10, 1908, at Chicago, Ill. (B2A,361,1)

Lyman Silsbee Smith, only child of Charlotte Sedgwick (Silsbee) Smith (B2A,361 and Francis Drexel Smith, was born June 10, 1908, at Chicago. He is an artist and studied at St. John's, Wyoming, Art School and at the Royal Academy, London, England. He married January 2, 1932, at Buffalo, Wyoming, Nell Silva of Buffalo, daughter of Anton Silva, a ranchman. They reside at 668 South Main Street, Sheridan, Wyo. Children, both born at Sheridan, Wyoming:

1. Charlotte Silsbee, b. March 3, 1933. (B2A,361,11)

2. Lyman, Jr., b. August 7, 1937. (B2A,361,12)

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