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where he was associated with the Solvay Process. Children, all except Charles, born at Syracuse:

1. Elizabeth Fenton, b. November 25, 1871, at Syracuse. (B2A,351)

2. Theodora, b. June 29, 1873, at Syracuse. (B2A,352)

3. Charles Baldwin, b. December 12, 1875, at Omaha, Neb.; d. December 14, 1899, at Syracuse, N.Y.

4. Mary Ellen, b. July 12, 1879, at Syracuse. (B2A,354)

5. Lucia Maria, b. September 25, 1881, at Syracuse. (B2A,355)

Elizabeth Fenton Sedgwick, 1st child of Charles H. Sedgwick (B2A,35) and Marcia A. (Fenton) Sedgwick, was born November 25, 1871, at Syracuse. She married Charles Graeme Herbert of Syracuse, born in London, England. Mr. Herbert was for many years chief engineer of the Solvay Process Company of Syracuse. Upon retirement he went to Altadena, Cal., where they resided at 1855 Tanoble Street, where he died. Children (Herbert):

1. Arthur Sedgwick, b. October 15, 1908, at Detroit. (B2A,351,1)

2. Charles Walter, b. December 29, 1911, at Syracuse. (B2A,351,2)

Theodora Sedgwick, 2d child of Charles H. Sedgwick (B2A,35) and Marcia L. (Fenton) Sedgwick, was born June 29, 1873, at Syracuse and died in April, 1911, at Syracuse at the birth of her second child. She married John G. Lea of Syracuse. After her death he married, 2d, Helen Van Engen (Ingen) of Brooklyn, a friend of his wife. The children of Theodora were:

1. John Sedgwick (B2A,352,1), born in 1906 at Syracuse, and an unnamed son, born in April, 1911, and died at birth.

Ellen May Sedgwick, 4th child of Charles H. Sedgwick (B2A, 35) and Marcia L. (Fenton) Sedgwick, was born July 12, 1879, at Syracuse, N.Y. She married, 1st, January 14, 1903, at that city James H. Gould of Seneca Falls, N.Y., who died at Flushing, L.I.,

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