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Hopkins where he was also a member of the scholarship society at Phi Beta Kappa. He practiced medicine at Syracuse from 1936 to 1941, after interneship at Johns Hopkins and was resident on the medical service of the University of Rochester. He was Regional Medical Officer for the Second Service Command in the Office of Civilian Defense until March, 1943, when he became Medical officer for O.C.D. in Washington, D.C. He went overseas in March, 1944, and was stationed in Cairo, Egypt, with the Foreign Economic Administration. He was (1946) with the United States Public Health Service at Washington, D.C. They reside at 107 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Maryland. Children (Hyde):

1. Henry, Jr., b. September 10, 1936. (B2A,333,31)

2. Edward Livingston, b. October 24, 1938; d. December 26, 1939.

3. Susan Sedgwick, b. September 24, 1939. (B2A,333,33)

4. Thomas Prentice, b. September 9, 1943, at Washington, D.C. (B2A,333,34)

Charles Sedgwick Tracy, 2d, 4th child of James Grant Tracy (B2A,333) and Florinda B. (Seay) Tracy, was born June 11, 1911, at Syracuse, N.Y., and graduated, B.S., in engineering at Cornell University in 1934. He was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Naval Corps Reserve and was called to duty as First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserve November 1, 1940, at Quantico, Virginia. He was with the First Marine Division, the Amphibious Corps, Pacific Fleet, the Fifth Amphibious Corps, the Fleet Marine Force in the Pacific. He participated in the Aleutian Operations, the Gilbert and Marshal Islands, Saipan, Iwo Jima, from 1943 to 1945 and was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal and Navy Commendation ribbon. He left military service in 1947 as Lieutenant Colonel. He married November 28, 1942, at Elizabeth, N.J., Helen Louise Simpson, daughter of Charles Randolf Simpson and Helen Brown Simpson. He is assistant to the personnel director of the Standard Oil Development Company, a research development subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company. They live at 259 Ogden Way, Hillside, N.J. Child:

1. Charles Sedgwick Tracy, 3d, b. February 24, 1946, at Summit, N.J. (B2A,333,1)

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