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3. David Sedgwick, Jr., b. April 8, 1940. (B2A,121,113)

Alice Popham Durant, 2d child of Katharine (Sedgwick) Durant (B2A,121,1) and Clarence Newton Durant, was born at Lee, Mass., March 24, 1915, and married at Lee April 19, 1938, Dr. Jeremiah Evarts Greene of Newton Centre, Mass.; Harvard 1930, Harvard Medical School, 1933, son of Dr. D. Crosby Greene and Marion (Lockwood) Greene of Boston. Dr. Jeremiah Greene is a Major and was stationed in Australia in 1944. They reside at 47 Paul Street, Newton Centre, Mass. Children, all born at Boston (Greene):

1. Jeremiah Evarts, Jr., b. January 22, 1939. (B2A,121,121)

2. Alice Popham, b. October 2, 1940, twin. (B2A,121,122)

3. Katharine Sedgwick, b. October 2, 1940, twin. (B2A,121,123)

Mary Sedgwick, 2d child of John Sedgwick (B2A,121) and Alice H. (Popham) Sedgwick, was born September 12, 1893, at Buffalo, N.Y. She married October 17, 1916, John Martin Deely, born July 31, 1894, at Lee, Mass., son of Martin H. Deely and Agnes (Doyle) Deely. Mr. Deely is part owner of a limestone quarry and manufacturing plant at Lee, Mass. Mrs. Deely graduated at Smith College in 1916. They reside at Whiteholm Road, Lee, Mass. Children, all born at Lee (Deely):

1. John Martin, Jr., b. August 27, 1917, at Lee, Mass; graduate of Williams College, 1938; attended Harvard University Business Administration School. (B2A,121,21)

2. Anne Popham, b. April 12, 1920. (B2A,121,22)

3. James Sedgwick, b. Mary 25, 1921. (B2A,121,23)

4. Martin Henry, b. November 15, 1935. (B2A,121,24)

John Popham Sedgwick, 3d child of John Sedgwick (B2A,121) and Alice H. (Popham) Sedgwick, was born January 23, 1899, at Buffalo. He graduated A.B., at Williams College in 1920 and at Harvard, M.B.A., in 1922. He married October 27, 1923, Isabel

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