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John Sedgwick Cooke, 1st child of Harriet (Sedgwick) Cooke (B29,131) and James W. Cooke, was born August 5, 1888, at Paterson, N.J., and married in New York City June 30, 1922, Mary Elizabeth Kane, born March 18, 1902, at Paterson, N.J., daughter of John and Elizabeth Agnew (McKenna) Kane. He graduated, Litt. B., at Princeton University in 1911, enlisted in the New Jersey National Guard in October, 1915, was commissioned Second Lieutenant in December and spent from June to November, 1916, at the Mexican Border. He was commissioned Captain of the New Jersey National Guard in July, 1916, entered the Federal service in March 1917, was on guard at the Picatinn Arsenal, Dover, N.J., from March to August in 1917; joined the 29th Division at Camp McClellan at Anniston, Ala., as Captain of Company D, 114th Infantry in August, 1917; was appointed Adjutant in March 1918; arrived in France with the 114th Infantry in June, 1918, and participated in the campaigns in Alsace and in the Meuse-Argonne offensive north of Verdun. He was commissioned Major in November 1918, and commanded the First Battalion, 114th Infantry, 29th Division, A.E.F., until they returned from France in May, 1919. He was honorably discharged on their arrival in the United States. He was engaged in chemical merchandising and was Treasurer of the Tidewater Chemical Company, Inc., at Riverside, Conn., until he returned to active duty in the Army of the United States July 26, 1941, and was assigned to the office of the Administrator of the Export Control at Washington, D.C. On October 2, 1941, he was transferred to the office of Chief of Ordnance in the War Department and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel March 30, 1942. On November 11, 1942, he was transferred to Headquarters, Army Service Forces, at Washington, and November 26, 1942, was promoted to the grade of Colonel. On March 10, 1943, he was detailed to the General Staff Corps and was designated by the Undersecretary of War as Army Control Materials Officer in which capacity he had the responsibility for putting into operation the Control Material Plan throughout the Army Service Forces. August 21, 1943, he was assigned as Chief, Materials Branch, Production Division, Headquarters, Army Service Forces, Washington D.C., and in 1946 was Deputy for Capital and Producers Goods, R.F.C., Office of Surplus Property.

Catharine Rogers Cooke, 3d child of Harriett (Sedgwick) Cooke (B29,131) and James W. Cooke, was born July 6, 1898, at Chicago.

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