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3. Harold, b. July 7, 1891. (B23,463)

Pamela Sedgwick, 8th child of General John Sedgwick (B2) and Abigail (Andrews) Sedgwick, was born December 28, 1778, at Cornwall, Conn. She married Jonathan Bates of Cornwall and left one daughter, Pamela (B28,1), who married Charles Hunt, for several years president of the Housatonic Railroad. They had one child, who died in infancy.

Benjamin Sedgwick, 9th child of General John Sedgwick (B2) and Abigail (Andrews) Sedgwick, was born January 25, 1781, at Cornwall, Conn., and died there March 15, 1857. He married July 9, 1809, Olive Collins, daughter of Philo and Olive (Foote) Collins, of Goshen, Conn., born September 19, 1783, at Goshen and died July 12, 1859. Philo Collins was of the sixth generation from John Collins of Boston, who came with his wife Susanna from England in 1644 and died March 29, 1870. "Squire" Benjamin lived at Cornwall and was like his father large in body and mind and in his old age delighted to gather his children and grandchildren about him and converse with them. He became totally blind. Children:

1. Philo Collins, b. July 18, 1810. (B29,1)

2. John (later Major General), b. September 13, 1813. (B29,2)

3. Olive Collins, b. January 15, 1817. (B29,3)

4. Emily, b. November 6, 1819. (B29,4)

5. Eliza, b. November 7, 1824; d. February 15, 1831.

Philo Collins Sedgwick, 1st child of Benjamin Sedgwick (B29) and Olive (Collins) Sedgwick, was born July 18, 1810, at Cornwall, Conn., and died at Cornwall Hollow November 20, 1867. He graduated at Union College in 1831 and was a lawyer. He married at Canaan Falls, Conn., October 2, 1833, Eliza Adam, daughter of John Adam of Litchfield, Conn. She died March 1, 1910. They removed to Harrisburg, Pa., where he was clerk of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. They returned to Cornwall Hollow. Children:

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