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(B21,414) and Francis Joseph Ritz, was born October 4, 1904, in West Kendall, New York. She received the B.R.E. degree in Boston University in 1931. She has been director of religious education in the Trinity Union Methodist Church, Providence, R.I., the Haven Methodist Church, East Providence, R.I., and holds a similar position at the Fordham Church, the Bronx, New York City, where she resides at 1175 Madison Avenue.

Alan Sedgwick Ritz, 3d child of Francis Joseph Ritz and Katharine Isabel (Sanford) Ritz (B21,414), was born October 4, 1908, at Kendall, N.Y. He attended Cornell University two years and graduated from Oglethorpe University in 1931. He was a produce farmer when called into military service. He was in 1944 in the ferry command at the Newcastle, Delaware, Air Base. He was discharged because of a physical disability. He is unmarried.

Charles Sedgwick Bridgeman, 2d child of Amanda Isabel Bridgeman (B21,4) and Oliver Hapgood Bridgeman, was born June 5, 1849, at Kendall, N.Y., and died February 26, 1930, at Rochester, N.Y. He married December 29, 1874, Mary R. Scott, daughter of Milo and Ann E. (Barrett) Scott of Kendall. He was a farmer, supervisor of Orleans County four terms and for two terms a member of the New York legislature. Methodists. She died December 27, 1924, at Kendall. Children, all born at Kendall:

1. Charles Scott, b. April 6, 1876. (B21,421)

2. Arthur Clayton, b. March 21, 1880; d. at Laredo, Texas, October 30, 1903, unmarried. (B21,422)

3. Margaret Anne, b. September 28, 1881. (B21,423)

4. John Sedgwick, b. April 30, 1883. (B21,424)

Charles Scott Bridgeman, 1st child of Charles Sedgwick Bridgeman (B21,42) and Mary R. (Scott) Bridgeman, was born April 6, 1876, at Kendall, N.Y. He married September 10, 1907, at Rochester, N.Y., Florence Allen, daughter of Charles Allen and Florence (Blossom) Allen of Rochester. Charles is an accountant. They live at 47 Troup Street, Rochester.

Margaret Anne Bridgeman, 3d child of Charles Sedgwick Bridgeman, was born September 28, 1881, at Kendall, N.Y. She

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