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Sanford (B21,412) and Callie Lee (Rich) Sanford, was born January 8, 1906, at Moberly, Mo. He married April 14, 1932, at Valparaiso, Ind., Edith Theresa Shedd, born May 31, 1907, daughter of Roscoe Robert Shedd and Lucy Edith (Ray) Shedd of Valparaiso. He graduated 1930, at DePauw University and is connected with the American Tin Plate Company, Gary, Ind. Mrs. Sanford attended Lake Forest College. They live at Gary, Ind. Presbyterians. Child:

1. Charles Sedgwick, Jr., b. December 25, 1923, at Gary, Ind. (B21,412,31)

Charles Sedgwick Sanford, Jr., only child of C.S. Sanford and Edith T. (Shedd) Sanford, was born December 25, 1923, at Gary, Indiana.

Ruth Helen Sanford, 4th child of Charles Bridgeman Sanford (B21,412) and Callie L. (Rich) Sanford, was born February 7, 1915, at Valparaiso, Ind. She attended Indiana State University and married October 19, 1940, at Chicago, Frank W. Sawyer, a commercial artist, son of Lea Halsted Sawyer and Laura Jane (Waters) Sawyer. The reside at 6102 Greenwood Ave., Chicago. Children, both born at Chicago (Sawyer):

1. Sally Jane, b. July 14, 1942. (B21,412,41)

2. Nancy Lea, b. March 14, 1945. (B21,412,42)

Walter Rollin Sanford, 3d child of Elbert A. Sanford and Mary A. (Bridgeman) Sanford (B21,41), was born May 5, 1875, at Kendall, N.Y. He attended Brockport, N.Y., State Normal School and married April 14, 1897, at Kendall, Luana Josephine Spring of Kendall, daughter of Charles E. and Lury Ann Spring. He died at Kendall April 13, 1940. His widow resides at Kendall. He was an accountant. Child:

1. Rollin Hovey, b. August 28, 1903, at Barker, N.Y. (B21,413,1)

Rollin Hovey Sanford, only child of Walter Rollin Sanford and Luanna J. (Spring) Sanford, was born August 28, 1903, at Barker, N.Y. He attended Northwestern University and married July 12,

* Notes:

Mrs Lea Halstead Sawyer is Laura Jane LYON, not Laura Jane Waters.
Their younger daughter is Nancy LEE Sawyer, not Nancy Lea Sawyer.
(corrections by daughter Sally Jane Sawyer)

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