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(B21,2) and Lucy Mary (Hunt) Sedgwick, was born February 26, 1829, at Litchfield, Conn., and died March 5, 1895. He married November 12, 1853, Harriet J. Birge and after her death Emily Talmage. No children.

Albert Sedgwick, Jr., 5th child of Albert Sedgwick (B21,2) and Mary (Hunt) Sedgwick, was born March 13, 1831, at Litchfield, Conn. He removed to Chicago about 1855, visiting the genealogist George Sedgwick (414,14) at his law office March 5, 1855. He was a clerk. He married at Chicago November 2, 1860, Kate Louisa McBride, daughter of John McBride of Pepa, Morris County, N.J. She was born at Pepa March 19, 1842. They had three children, Albert Sedgwick, 3d, born August 15, 1861, Julia Jessie, born November 18, 1863, married E.A. Titcomb, and Grace Sedgwick, born May 13, 1865, died April 25, 1880, unmarried; all probably born at Chicago.

Albert Sedgwick, 3d, 1st child of Albert Sedgwick, Jr., and Kate Louise (McBride) Sedgwick, was born August 15, 1861. He married, 1st, Ella Hohn Allen, born November 18, 1896, and died December 13, 1901, and, 2d, Fanny Brown, daughter of Moses and Marianna Brown of Mt. Pleasant, Mich., June 14, 1907. His widow resides at 1500 North LeVergne Avenue, Chicago, with her three sons, Albert, John Moses and Jerome Harry Sedgwick. He was an accountant. Children by first marriage:

1. Albert, 4th, b. December 8, 1901, at Chicago. (B21,251,1)

By second marriage:

2. Katherine Marianne, b. March 31, 1908, at LaGrange, Ill. (B21,251,2)

3. John Moses, twin, b. January 18, 1916, at Chicago. (B21,251,3)

4. Jerome Harry, twin, b. January 19, 1916, at Chicago. (B21,251,4)

Albert Sedgwick, 4th, 1st child of Albert Sedgwick, 3d (B21,251) and Etta Hohn (Allen) Sedgwick, was born December 8, 1901, at Chicago and served with the Canadian Army during the

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