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Henry Russell Sedgwick, 8th child of John R. Sedgwick (B21,21) and Henrietta (Joraleman) Sedgwick, was born March 25, 1868, at Southington, Conn., and was a twin of Harry John Sedgwick. When he was about thirty years old Henry joined the gold rush to the Yukon Country in Alaska, leaving a good position in Hartford for the adventure. After reaching the headwaters of the Yukon, like thousands of other venturesome spirits, he cut out logs and sawed boards with a whipsaw, constructed a serviceable boat 25 feet long in which he travelled about 2500 miles to St. Michael where he traded his boat for a bottle of whiskey, there being no market at that end of the route for boats. Like his father he was fond of hunting and fishing and he found time in Alaska for some big game hunting. He lived in Hartford, Conn., many years and as a hobby made and repaired fine casting rods. He was one of the best trap shooters in Connecticut and had many trophies of his colorful career. He married at Hartford June 3, 1903, Martha Schutz. They resided at 1200 Broad Street, where he died May 21, 1940, and where his widow resided until her death September 18, 1946. No children.

Harry John Sedgwick, 9th child of John R. Sedgwick (B21,21) and Henrietta (Joraleman) Sedgwick, twin of Henry Russell Sedgwick, was born March 25, 1868, at Southington, Conn., and died May 10, 1928, at New Britain, Conn. He married at New Britain, December 29, 1892, Florence Ann Littlehale, b. July 5, 1875, at Burlington, Conn., and died December 6, 1942. He lived in New Britain more than forty years. For a time he was buyer for a large grocery house. About 1900 he purchased a farm on the Hartford Road in the northern outskirts of New Britain. Children, both born at New Britain:

1. Edith May, b. January 31, 1893; d. June 22, 1896.

2. Mildred Louise, b. February 10, 1910. (B21,219,2)

Mildred Louise Sedgwick, 2d child of Harry John Sedgwick (B21,219) and Florence Ann (Littlehale) Sedgwick, was born February 10, 1901, at New Britain, Conn., and married, 1st, at Hoboken, N.J., October 18, 1921, Walter Delmont Martin of West Hartford, Conn., and had two children, Buel, who has attended the radio and trade school and Phyllis, who attended a secretarial school. They

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