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Street, San Francisco 9, Cal. Children, both born at San Francisco (Sutro):

1. Mary Sedgwick, b. July 6, 1944 (B21,121,111)

2. Michael Sedgwick, b. July 30, 1947. (B21,121,112)

Andrew George McCarthy, Jr., 2d child of Bessie (Dargie) McCarthy (B21,121,1) and Andrew George McCarthy, was born December 17, 1911, at San Francisco and graduated at the Cates School of Boys at Santa Barbara, Cal. During World War II he was an oil salesman and dealt in defense products. He is unmarried and resides at 2460 Green Street, San Francisco.

Thomas Malvern Dargie, 2d child of Bessie (Sedgwick) Dargie (B21,121) and Thomas T. Dargie, was born August 23, 1893, at Oakland, Cal., and attended the University of California at Berkeley. He married Pauline Adams of Oakland, Cal., a graduate of the University of California, daughter of Mary Adams and Arthur Lincoln Adams. He served in the United States Army in World War I. He was financial editor of a San Francisco newspaper and a stockbroker. He met death in a fire that destroyed his home.


1. Thomas M. Dargie, Jr., b. June 2, 1922, at Oakland, Cal. (B21,121,21)

Thomas Malvern Dargie, Jr., only child of T.M. Dargie (B21,121,2) and Pauline (Adams) Dargie, was born June 2, 1922, at Oakland, Cal., and attended the Cate School at Santa Barbara, Cal., and the University of California at Berkeley two years. He entered the Infantry March 22, 1943, at the Presidio of Monterey, Cal., trained as a private at Camp Robinson, Ark.; Lake Forest, Ill.; Camp White, Oregon; and Camp San Luis Obispo, Cal.; and was in the initial landings at Leyte, the Philippine Islands, and was blinded at Okinawa. He returned to the United States with the rank of Staff Sergeant June 15, 1945, was hospitalized at Dibble General Hospital, Menlo Park, California, and took the study course at the Convalescent Hospital at Avon, Conn. He returned to California in February, 1946, to the University of California and entered the insurance field as taught at Avon. He graduated at the University of California in 1947. He resides at 2159 Golden Gate Avenue, Oakland, Cal. He has received the bronze star, the

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