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trip by boat around Cape Horn. He became sheriff of Tuolumne County and in 1864, when he was joined by his brother, Robert, was Collector of Internal Revenue in the Stockton District of that state. He married October 28, 1858, at Shaws Flat, Cal., Malvina Davis of that place, daughter of Caswell Davis and Sarah A. Davis, born at Independence, Mo., July 18, 1838; died at Oakland, Cal., October 16, 1890. John Sedgwick died September 22, 1908, at Oakland, Cal. She died October 16, 1890.

The marriage of John Sedgwick to Malvina Davis is described by Sallie Hester in her diary in August, 1858, and reprinted in the San Francisco Argonaut October 17, 1925, as follows:

"August--Mallie (Malvina) Davis is visiting me from Shaw's Flat. She is getting ready to be married and came down to shop, buy her wedding dress, etc. She wants me to return with her to be her bridesmaid."

"September 30. Shaw's Flat. Arrived here all right and so many have called. I am having a gay time. My friend is to be married in a few days."

"Wednesday, October 20. Mallie Davis was married this evening to John Sedgwick of Sonora, Sheriff of Tuolumne County. Judge Ford and Rev. Harmon attended. Mallie Davis was a Santa Clara girl. The bride was dressed in white moire antique, veil of illusion and wreath of orange blossoms. The bride is a dark eyed beauty and she looked lovely in her wedding dress. Sedgwick is a tall, dark, handsome man. My dress was white crepe Leise with three skirts, white flowers, &c. After the ceremony we left for Sonora, where the bride and bridegroom received their friends in their own home already prepared for their reception. Everybody had a delightful time. A fine supper was served, Champagne flowed freely among the gentlemen and a more hilarious party was never seen in Sonora. Mallie Sedgwick has a beautiful home and I have named it "Sunnyside."


1. Bessie, b. September 19, 1859, at Sonora, Cal. (B21,121)

2. John, Jr., b. July 1, 1866, at Stockton, Cal.; d. Nov. 10, 1876, at San Francisco.

3. Louise Browne, b. December 25, 1871, at Stockton, Cal. (B21,123)

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