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Ulrich von Puttkamer, born September 7, 1861, at Versin, Pomerania, Germany. Child (von Puttkamer):

1. Ottony Kriemhild, b. September 1, 1888, at Washington, D.C. (B15,216,1)

Ottony Kriemhild von Puttkamer, 1st child (and daughter) of Alice Tracy (Gold) von Puttkamer and F. Ulrich von Puttkamer, was born September 1, 1888, at Washington, D.C. Soon after her mother's death, two years after marriage, she was taken to her grandparents' home upon a fine farm near the Baltic Sea and was raised by them. She taught at several places in Pomerania. She married at Versin, September 14, 1910, Carl von Hassell, born February 29, 1872, at Wesermunde, near Bremen, son of Leopold and Helene (Reinicke) von Hassell of Kassel. Leopold von Hassell was President of the District Court of Kassel. The family is traced back to 1219. According to Mrs. Colin D. Morgan, Martha Gold Morgan (B15,217) of Montreal, great relief will be felt when word is finally received from the von Hassells. She writes that the Canadian Red Cross has been enlisted in an effort to locate Carl and the family. Ottony's husband, Carl, is said to be a brother of General von Hassell, who was for years an inveterate enemy of Hitler and who, according to some reports from Germany, was the general who led the last revolt of officers against the Nazi war-crazed Fuerher. The final sweep of the Russians through East Prussia as the Second World War drew toward a close is believed to have caused destruction of the von Hassell estates.
    Carl von Hassell studied law at two universities and after passing his state examination entered the civil service of the Prussian state. He was vice president of the Province of East Prussia, 1917-1921, and became a political leader. He died July 7, 1932, at Koenigsburg, East Prussia, Germany. Mrs. Ottony von Hassell resided several years ago at Koenigsburg with her three younger children. and died near Luebeck Dec. 20, 1945. Her seven children are (von Hassell):

1. Lorenz Juerg, b. June 22, 1911, at Mansfeld, Germany. (B15,216,11)

2. Carl Otto, b. November 2, 1912, at Mansfeld, Germany. (B15,216,12)

3. Ulrike, b. August 26, 1914, at Mansfeld, Germany. (B15,216,13)

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