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and William F. Gibson, was born October 7, 1884, at San Francisco, California, where he married at that place February 5, 1917, Viola Bennett, born July 26, 1890, at San Francisco, daughter of George W. and Mary (Murray) Bennett. Children:

1. Francis Ward, b. April 7, 1918. (B15,215,21)

2. Viola Elizabeth, b. December 21, 1919. (B15,215,22)

3. Otis George, b. July 26, 1921. (B15,215,23)

Francis Ward Gibson, 1st child of Otis Gibson II (B15,215,2) and Viola (Bennett) Gibson, was born at San Francisco, Cal., April 7, 1918, and graduated at the New Mexico School of Mines. He has been a metallurgist at Leadville, Colorado. He married Aurora Arquilla* and they live at 2407 Lincoln Way, San Francisco. Child:

1. Richard, b. March , 1943. (B15,215,211)

Viola Elizabeth Gibson, 2d child of Otis Gibson II (B15,215,2) and Viola (Bennett) Gibson, was born at San Francisco, Cal., December 21, 1919, and graduated, A.B., in 1941 from the University of California at Berkeley. She married in 1942 Glenn Hale of Nebraska. Child:

1. Kathleen Ann, b. November, 1942. (B15,215,221)

Theodore Gold Gibson, 3d child of Caroline S. (Gold) Gibson (B15,215) and William F. Gibson, was born October 11, 1886, at San Francisco. He married there, June 2, 1919, Della Orpha Widner, born December 3, 1898, at Red Bluff, California, daughter of John Wesley Widner and Nancy (Hunt) Widner. He attended the College of the Pacific at Stockton, Cal. He was for two years in the Marines in the Pacific. He is a designer, cabinet maker and manufacturer. They live at 118 Mt. Diable Ave., San Mateo, Cal. Children, born at San Mateo:

1. John Roscoe, b. June 9, 1920. (B15,215,31)

2. Caroline Annette, b. April 11, 1922. (B15,215,32)

3. Walter Gold, b. July 18, 1924. (B15,215,33)

4. Virginia Margaret, b. August 29, 1927; student at University of California. (B15,215,34)

* note:
  The wife of Francis Ward Gibson is incorrect above. Her name was Aurora Vivian Aguilar.
  They had two children, Richard Joseph Gibson and Jessica Elaine Gibson.
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