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year after graduation. He taught at the Goshen and Waterbury academies three years and in 1842 went to Cornwall to conduct the ancestral farm at Cream Hill, which was the original Hezekiah Gold farm, the estate of James Douglas, the original settler. In 1845, associated with his father, he established there the first agricultural school in the United States, the Cream Hill School. He taught there 24 years. The School was a direct ancestor of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and of the Connecticut Agricultural College, Storrs College, later the University of Connecticut. He was a life member of the Connecticut State Agricultural Society and a trustee of the State Agricultural College, 1881 to 1901. He was a member of national agricultural and forestry societies. In 1866, at the establishment of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture, he was chosen secretary and held that office many years. He published a history of Cornwall in 1877 and a second history in 1904.
    The Liberty ship T.S. Gold was launched January 23, 1945, at the yards of the New England Shipbuilding Corporation at South Portland, Maine. Children by first wife:

1. Eleanor (Elnor) Douglas, b. September 11,1844. (B15,211)

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. February 2, 1847; d. July 11, 1857.

3. Emily Sedgwick, b. January 31, 1849; d. April 2, 1858.

4. Rebecca Cleveland, b. July 29, 1851. (B15,214)

5. Caroline Simons, b. October 3, 1855. (B15,215)

By second wife:

6. Alice Tracy, b. January 14, 1860. (B15,216)

7. Martha Wadsworth, b. July 20, 1861. (B15,217)

8. Charles Lockwood, b. April 14, 1863. (B15,218)

9. James Douglas, b. November 5, 1866. (B15,219)

Eleanor (Elnor) Douglas Gold, 1st child of Theodore S. Gold (B15,21) and first by his first wife, Caroline E. (Lockwood) Gold, was born September 11, 1844, at Cream Hill, Cornwall, Conn., and died March 6, 1913, at Hartford City, Indiana. She married at Cornwall, September 30, 1868, Charles Henry Hubbard, born February 21, 1846, at Sandusky, Ohio, son of Rollin Barnard Hubbard and Ann (Massey) Hubbard. They lived at Hartford City.

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