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in July 22, 1946, at Camp Dix. He married June 8, 1943, at Burroughsville, Va., Margaret Coe Bostwick, daughter of Mrs. William Arthur Bostwick of Bronxville, N.Y. He is an executive of the Bethany, Conn., Press.

George Dudley Vaill, 6th child of Dudley L. Vail (B13,963) and Leila S. (Holmes) Vaill, was born October 30, 1910, at Winsted, Conn. He attended Andover Academy, the Stearns School, Mount Vernon, N.H., and Westminster School, Simsbury, Conn., and graduated at Yale, B.A., in 1933. He married December 27, 1935, Alice Dudley McOrmond of Ashford, Conn., daughter of Raymond Richards McOrmond and Alice (Dudley) McOrmond. He was assistant to the dean of freshmen, Yale University, but joined the Navy April 21, 1943, at New Haven, Conn., and was commissioned April 21, 1943, Lieutenant (jg.) in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He was stationed in 1944, and to October, 1945, at the Naval Air Station at Quonset, R.I., and afterward at Washington, D.C., until he was discharged January 15, 1946. He and his brother Dudley are associated in printing at the Bethany, Conn., Press. Children, born at New Haven, Conn.:

1. Susan Bishop, b. February 12, 1940. (B13,963,61)

2. Timothy Landon, b. November 11, 1941. (B13,963,62)

3. Benjamin Dudley, b. December 6, 1943. (B13,963,63)

4. George Dudley, Jr., b. October 13, 1947. (B13,963,64)

Sylvia Landon Vaill, 7th child of Dudley L. Vaill (B13,963) and Leila S. (Holmes) Vaill, was born December 11, 1912, at Winsted, Conn. She attended Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Conn., and resides at Winsted, Conn.

Lydia Vaill, 8th child of Dudley L. Vaill (B13,963) and Leila S. (Holmes) Vaill was born September 14, 1916, at Winsted, Conn., graduated, B.A., 1938, at Bennington College. She married September 24, 1938, at Winsted, Conn., George Douglas Hewat of North Adams, Mass. He is connected with the Strong-Hewat firm of woolen manufacturers. They live at Sabin Drive, Williamstown, Mass. Children, all born at North Adams (Hewat):

1. Alan Vaill, b. August 4, 1940. (B13,963,81)

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