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and Alice M. (Dudley) Vaill, was born August 30, 1873, at Winsted, Conn., married June 28, 1900, at Winsted, Leila Strowbridge Holmes, daughter of Charles B. Holmes and Abigail E. (Pierce) Holmes, graduated at Yale, B.A., 1896, and is president of the Winsted Savings Bank. They reside at Winsted where all their children have been born. They are:

1. Mary, b. October 21, 1902. (B13,963,1)

2. Charles Beecher Holmes, b. July 1, 1904. (B13,963,2)

3. Theodore, b. September 19, 1905. (B13,963,3)

4. Dudley Landon, Jr., b. January 22, 1907. (B13,963,4)

5. Holmes Landon, b. August 20, 1909; d. October 30, 1909.

6. George Dudley, b. October 30, 1910. (B13,963,6)

7. Sylvia Landon, b. December 11, 1912. (B13,963,7)

8. Lydia, b. September 14, 1916. (B13,963,8)

9. Leila Holmes, b. July 2, 1918. (B13,963,9)

Mary Vaill, 1st child of Dudley L. Vaill (B13,963) and Leila S. (Holmes) Vaill, was born October 21, 1902, at Winsted, Conn., and married at that place May 17, 1924, Hamilton J. Bickford, born May 15, 1900, at New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., son of Herbert J. and Elizabeth (Judson) Bickford, who is connected with the Cheney Brothers, silk manufacturers of South Manchester, Conn., where they reside at 22 Greenhill Street. Children (Bickford):

1. John Herbert, b. October 9, 1926, at New Britain, Conn., (B13,963,11)

2. Dudley Vaill, b. April 12, 1930, at South Manchester, Conn. (B13,963,12)

3. Thomas Judson, b. May 2, 1946, at South Manchester, Conn. (B13,963,13)

Charles Beecher Holmes Vaill, 2d child of Dudley Landon Vaill (B13,963) and Leila S. (Holmes) Vaill, was born July 1, 1904, at Winsted, Conn., graduated at Andover Academy and Yale, B.A., 1928, and married, 1st, June 28, 1928, Isabel M. Holmes, daughter

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