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2. Anna Louise, b. December 26, 1854. No report.

3. William Gold, b. January 21, 1858. No report. (B13,623)

B13,621. John Chapin Brinsmade, 1st child of William Bartlett Brinsmade B13,632) and Charlotte (Chapin) Brinsmade, was born at Springfield, Mass., April 24, 1852. He graduated from Harvard College in 1874 and married October 4, 1876, at Washington, Conn., Mary Gold Gunn, his cousin, daughter of Frederick William Gunn and Abigail Irene Gunn. He was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives and the Senate, was a member of the Connecticut Council of Education, and a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. He was a teacher in the Gunnery, an outstanding preparatory school at Washington, Conn., where he died August 21, 1930. Children, all born at Washington:

1. Frederick Gunn, b. March 8, 1882. (B13,621,1)

2. William Bartlett, b. January 4, 1884; d. August 1, 1894.

3. Chapin, b. March 1, 1885. (B13,621,3)

4. Eleanor Gold, b. November 15, 1886. (B13,621,4)

5. Mary, b. November 18, 1888. (B13,621,5)

6. John Chapin Jr., b. September 28, 1891. (B13,621,6)

7. Charlotte Blake, b. September 20, 1893. (B13,621,7)

8. Abigail Irene, b. May 29, 1896. (B13,621,8)

Frederick Gunn Brinsmade, 1st child of Mary Gold (Gunn) Brinsmade (B13,621) and John Chapin Brinsmade, was born March 8, 1882, at Washington, Conn., and died April 16, 1945, at New Haven, Conn., graduated at Harvard, A.B., in 1904, and was a member of the faculty of the Hopkins Grammar School of New Haven, Conn., a college preparatory school a half century older than Yale College. Because of his school connections he took great interest in such sports as football, swimming and hockey. He belonged to the University Glee Club of New Haven and was its librarian. He taught French, Spanish and mathematics. Congregationalists. He married January 3, 1922, at Brooklyn, New York, Josephine Hulbert Sutphin, daughter of Joseph H. Sutphin and Susan (Cooley) Sutphin of Brooklyn, N.Y. Mrs. Brinsmade lives at 376 St. Ronan Street, New Haven, Conn. Their children are

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