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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Thomas Augustus (B11,1), m. Dorothy Gardner; lived in Pittsfield. Children:

1. Gardiner Gold (B11,11);

2. William Gold, m. a Miss Mott of Baltimore (B11,12);

3. Maria Gold (B11,13).

2. Charles A. Ruggles, m. Mrs. Atwater; lived in Buffalo. (B11,2)

3. Theodore Egbert, d. of yellow fever at Vicksburg; unmarried. (B11,3)

4. William Erskine, m. and lived in Pittsfield. (B11,4) He had a daughter, Frances Theresa Gold (B11,41), m. David F. Worcester. Mr. and Mrs. Worcester had four children, as follows:

a. Caroline Handy Worcester, m. John F. Perkins (B11,411), vice-president of the Astor Place Bank, New York City.

b. Rev. Elwood Worcester, rector of St. Stephens Church, Philadelphia. (B11,412)

c. Elizabeth Gold Worcester, unmarried. (B11,413)

d. Caroline Erskine Worcester, m. Henry J. McDonald. (B11,414)

5. Caroline Wolcott (B11,5) m. William Gardiner, lived in New Orleans and San Antonio, Texas. She had one child, Sarah Gardiner (B11,51), who married Mr. Thayer of New Orleans.

6. Sarah, m. William Darling of Hudson, N.Y. (B11,6)

7. Maria Theresa, m. Nathan Appleton of Boston. (B11,7) The children of Maria Theresa (Gold) Appleton and Nathan Appleton were:

a. Thomas Gold Appleton. (B11,71)

b. Mary Appleton (B11,72) m. James Mackintosh, son of Sir Francis, of Scotland.

c. Fanny Appleton, m. Henry W. Longfellow, the poet. (See B1) (B11,73)

8. Elizabeth Sedgwick (B11,8), m. Charles M. Lee of Rochester, N.Y. They had one child, Charles Lee (B11,81).

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