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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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In the numbering code successive numbers represent successive generations. In this line it begins with Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick of West Hartford and Cornwall, of the fourth generation. Major General Robert Sedgwick was the first generation. His son, William of the second generation, went from Boston to Hartford, Conn. The eleven children of Captain Samuel, son of William, mark the first numbering. His first child, Samuel, Jr., was (No.) 1, the second, Jonathan, was 2, and the third son, Ebenezer, was 3. And so it went on to Thankful, the ninth child, who was, of course, 9. There were no more digits in numbers and the letters of the alphabet were therefore borrowed. The tenth child, Mercy, was A and the eleventh child, BENJAMIN, was B.

As the descendants of BENJAMIN, B, comprise the only line we are tracing in this volume the number assigned to each person will start with B, indicating descent from this Deacon Benjamin, the first generation of this line.

In the next generation Sarah, the first child of BENJAMIN, (B) is B1; the second, John, B2; and the third, Benjamin Jr., is B3; and so on for his six children.

Passing to the next generation, Thomas Gold, the first child of Sarah (Sedgwick) Gold (B1), is B11.

Illustrating the system by numbering Benjamin Cleveland Gold, B15, 218,3; his descent numbers indicate that his ancestors were BENJAMIN (B) the eleventh child of Captain Samuel; then Sarah (B1), first child of BENJAMIN. Following is Hezekiah Gold (B15) fifth child of Sarah (Sedgwick) Gold; then Samuel Wadsworth Gold (B15,2) second child of Hezekiah. Progressing to Theodore Sedgwick Gold (B15,21) Samuels first child; thence to Charles Lockwood Gold (B15,218) eighth child of Theodore; and finally to Benjamin Cleveland Gold (B15,218,3) third child of Charles Lockwood Gold. In the text we enclose many of these numbers in parenthesis, to avoid possible confusion with numbers in dates or other numbers which may be adjacent.

Thus every succeeding generation records the descent and there is only one correct number for any Sedgwick descendant under the system. The letter B and the first digit following it indicates that child of Benjamin whose line is herein treated as a separate chapter, as indicated in the "table of contents", thus making reference easier.

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