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The Sacketts of America
Their Ancestors and Descendants 1630 - 1907

a book by Charles H Weygant
Newburgh, NY, 1907

At least four Sedgwick men have married Sackett descendants.

Three sons of Samuel Sedgwick (41), Gordon, Ebenezer and Titus, married three Sackett women, Hannah, Sarah and Grace. Thes names coincide with the names of the three daughters of Seth Sackett of Westfield, Mass., and leave little doubt that they were the three Sackett women.

Stephen Sedgwick (B2A) married Anne Baldwin, a daughter of Major Isaac Baldwin and Hannah Sackett, daughter of Rev Samuel Sackett of Yorktown, NY.

Both these Sackett families are in this book. I have retrieved for now the pages on Seth's ancestors, and will add those for Samuel.

Links to the sections of the book:
Title Page 1
Generation I - Simon Sackett 12 | 13 | 14
Generation II - Simon Sackett 15
Generation II - John Sacket 16 | 17 | 18 | 19
Generation III - John Sacket 24
Generation IV - John Sacket 46
Generation V - Seth Sacket 96
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