William H Sedwick  [Zadock Sedwick / Elizabeth Murphy]
b. 1809 Virginia1,2a
m. December 24, 1840, Rappahannock County, Virginia, Mary Cowgill4

Mary Cowgill  [John Cowgill / Elizabeth Corder]2a
b. abt 1824, Virginia1,2a
d. Rappahannock County, Virginia

Census records:

1850 VA Rappahannock


Eliza Obelia Sedwick
  b. December 20, 1841, Rappahannock County, Virginia2a
  d. January 12, 1900, Rappahannock County, Virginia2a
  m. June 4, 1863, Alfred P Ramey2a
Benjamin Franklin Sedwick
  b. September 1844, Virginia1
  d. abt September 1929, Rappahannock County, Virginia2a
  never married1
Mary Virginia Sedwick
  b. 1846, Flint Hill, Rappahannock, Virginia2a
  d. March 16 1895, Mt Enterprise, Rusk, Texas2a
  m. July 26, 1868, Washington, DC, Joseph Louis Fogg2a

Son Benjamin Franklin Sedwick never married;
he appears in these census records:

1870 VA Rappahannock
1880 VA Rappahannock
1900 VA Rappahannock
1920 VA Rappahannock


1. Census records, any of those indicated.

2. Records of descendants/researchers of this family
a. Joyce H Tucker, records available online at FamilySearch.org, used with her permission
b. Chuck Sedwick, descendant of Zadock's son James Bushrod Sedwick

4. Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850
an Ancestry.com database
This record:
William H SedwickMary Cowgill24 December 1840Rappahannock

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