Robert A Sedwick  [Benjamin Sedwick / Catharine V Unknown]
b. abt 1853, Virginia1
m. July 23, 1879, Pickens County, Alabama, Katie Lovett2c,15

Katie Lovett aka Katie  [William Duvall Lovett / Melissa Sears]
b. abt Oct 1857, Alabama1

Census records:

1860 VA Fauquier
1870 VA Fauquier
1880 TX McLennan
1900 DC Washington
Kate as child:
1860 AL Blount
Kate's mother Melissa Sears as youth:
1850 VA Rappahannock
More Sears family:
1860 VA Rappahannock
1870 VA Rappahannock

Robert Sedwick and Kate Lovett were apparently married in late 1878 or early 1879 and moved to Waco, Texas, where a few of his brothers already lived.1 He became a merchant of some kind there, but didn't stay long. By 1882 they were back in Alabama, where their second daughter was born.1 They lived for some time in Birmingham, Alabama, where he appears in the 1888, 1889 and 1890 city directories as "city auditor."10. It was there in 1888 that the photo of the daughters which appears below was taken. Later they moved to Washington DC, where he worked in 1900 as a clerk at the zoo.1 He worked in the Postmaster General's office during the Wilson administration.2c

Sometimes it is really hard to determine ages from census records. In 1900, Kate's birth is given as October of 1859 and her age as age 40, but in 1860 she was already three years old. Was she born in 1857? 1856?

Hattie & Berta Sedwick, click for larger image


Hattie L Sedwick
  b. abt February, 1880, Texas1
Roberta E Sedwick
  b. May 1882, Alabama 1
Robert S Sedwick
  b. November 1889, Alabama 1


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1. Census records, any of those indicated.

2. Records of descendants/researchers of this family
c. Laura Franks, descendant of Hannah R Lovett, aunt of Kate Lovett wife of Robert A Sedwick

10. Birmingham, Alabama Directories, 1888-90
an database
These records:
NameBusiness NameOccupationLocation 1Location 2CityStateYear
Albert M Avery; Robert A SedwickAvery & SedwickReal Estate, Bonds and Stocks1900 1/2 2d avenue BirminghamAL1888
Robert A SedwickAvery & Sedwickcity auditor4th ave corner 19th2513 1street aveBirminghamAL1888
Robert A SedwickCity Hallcity auditor r 600 19thBirminghamAL1889
Robert A SedwickCity Hallcity auditor r 600 19thBirminghamAL1890
I believe Location 2 is residence address

15. Alabama Marriages, 1800-1920
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This record:
Spouse 1Spouse 2DatePlaceOSPage
R A SedwickMiss Katie Lovett23 Jul 1879Pickens267

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